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She’s done it again! Zoella’s new beauty range ‘Jelly and Gelato’ is out now, and it is incredible. The sweet, subtle scent of a hot summers day in Italy with fresh gelato makes me so happy, who wouldn’t want to smell like this? Firstly, the packaging for all these products are outstanding; pastel geometric is a firm favourite with me! The products look so stylish, and this is what Zoella gets right every single time. Also in this range are a few new products which I could squeal with excitement over, some of which I’ve wanted for a long time!

The Bath Wafers are so cute and take me straight back to my childhood; I remember having these little things stick out of my bowl of ice cream. The fizzy wafers bubble away in your bath and release a strong but brightening scent of pomegranate and elderflower. The Bath Frosting is something I’ve wanted for a while, having tried different brands, I instantly fell in love with how creamy this made my bath and how soft my skin felt. Zoella’s version is no different. The cute tub is filled with four sachets of milk powder, and it instantly transforms your bath, probably my favourite product of the range.

I love a good exfoliating session, and the Body Scrub helps to brighten, smooth and tone. The polishing sprinkles add a burst of fun, and the rich cream makes sure my skin is soft. This product is a treat for your body.

The Shower Sauce reminds me of raspberry ripple ice cream or covering my ice cream cone in strawberry sauce. The scent is beautifully fresh and fruity, something I love during the summer.  In probably the cutest packaging ever is the Shower Shake, this body wash not only cleanses the skin, but it moisturises it too! I love products like these as I am quite lazy when it comes to moisturising after the bath; this does it all for me!

Body Pudding is a lightly whipped cream that leaves skin feeling soft and fragrant. It looks like a little tub of ice cream; this range seriously is the cutest!

Last but by no means least is the Body Mist, a few spritzes of this leaves you lightly but beautifully fragranced. If it’s a dark and dreary day outside, this product will instantly transform you into summer.

There is also a super cute clutch bag added to the mix which I am yet to get my hands on, but it ties in perfectly with the rest of the range. The original range is still my favourite but what I love most about Zoella’s products are how well suited they are to me. I love every scent and every product she has ever bought out and used them all daily. Well done, Zoe!

Have you tried any of the new range? Let me know!

R x

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