What’s In My Bag?

When I first read the title of these posts either on other people’s blogs or YouTube channels, I thought to myself why? Just why would I want to know what’s in your bag? But then curiosity took over me, and I watched one and then another and then another and now I’m hooked. I’ve always loved handbags, and every year I probably give away 3 to charity to make way for another one in my collection. So firstly, I just like seeing what handbags people have and longingly coo over them and then secondly, I like to compare what I have in mine. It’s funny how similar I am to a lot of people in this world. I believe you can tell a lot about someone’s handbag contents. Without further ado, here is my ‘What’s In My Bag? post …

The current bag I am using is called ‘Apollo – Daddy’s Girl’ from designer LJEdwards-London. My friend Jess got this for me and I’m eternally grateful! It’s a great size and such a soft material; also it’s made using only vegan-friendly material.

This little zip up purse is from ZoellaBeauty. Inside holds my musts, my front door key, my fob for work, Nivea lip balm, Carex hand sanitiser and Cath Kidston travel hand cream. Working in London and travelling in on the train and tube means I need to have a hand sanitiser with me, this one from Carex smells divine and is just the right size to carry around with me. Sanitising my hands can leave them a little dry though, so I always have a hand cream in my bag to keep them soft. At the moment I am using one from Cath Kidston, I got this one in a set of 3 for Christmas one year. Florally fragrant and soaks into the skin easily. Chapped lips are something I am unfortunately blessed with, and it doesn’t matter what time of year it is, my lips are always dry and can get sore especially in winter. I find Nivea is the best for me, whether it’s there stick balms like mine or the circular butters – I love them and highly recommend.

I always like to feel fresh so when I am at work, after lunch, I tend to pop to the loo and refresh. I either bring a travel-sized spray deodorant or a roll-on as they fit perfectly. This time round I am using Dove’s Invisible Dry roll-on and it smells lovely. I am a lover of Dove’s products as they are a classic brand who never disappoint. I always try and have some sort of smelly in my bag as well, a small body spray or in this instance ZoellaBeauty’s ‘Let’s Spritz’. This scent is from her ‘TuttiFruity’ range and smells like summer, so refreshing and lasts a lifetime.

Alongside my smelly products, I always carry a hairbrush as mine is prone to knotting and being fly away. I LOVE Tangle Teezers, it is such a simple concept, but it works wonders. I’d hate to use anything else! Available in a range of colours and styles, mine had an ice pink shell and baby pink bristles. Tissues I feel are a must. There will always be a time when your nose will catch you off guard and start leaking like a tap, or your mascara will smudge. Tissues will be your lifelong friend and help you in those annoying situations.

I used to carry around a whole makeup but these days, especially at work I like to go quite simple and minimalist so bring just a few essentials with me to top up during the day; mascara, eyeliner and lip gloss. I like to experiment with different mascaras as I feel I haven’t found the one I love yet. I’m currently using MAC Zoom Lash mascara and although a little pricey I do like it. On normal days I like to wear a brown eyeliner as I feel black is a bit too striking and the brown helps to bring the blue out in my eyes, this one is Rimmel Soft Khol in the shade 11 Sable Brown. On top of my lip balm, I pop a little lip gloss on just because. I have many a lip gloss in my drawer; this one is Seventeen Lip Lustre on the shade Polished.

On my way to work, I like to either read or catch up on something on my iPad. I’ve just finished this book, ‘Before I Met You’ by Jojo Meyes and it was a little tearjerker. A real-life, modern-day love story with a twist. I highly recommend it and I can’t wait to read the sequel!

That’s all from me today; I hope you have enjoyed seeing what’s in my bag! What are your in bag must-haves?

R x


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