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I have always been a fan of The Body Shop’s products, and no Christmas is complete for me unless I get one of their gift sets. Recently they have launched a few new ranges which prompted me to spend a good hour in their High Wycombe store giving them all a sniff and try! I then came across an old favourite of mine; their Vitamin E Range. I used to use their cleanser, toner and moisturiser all the time and I have no idea why I ever stopped so I decided to re-buy them along with a few other products. Below is my review for my new found love of their Vitamin E Range.

Cream Cleanser (250ml, £7.50)
This cleanser is so light and creamy and glides across my skin. The wheat germ oil and Vitamin E ingredients effectively remove all traces of makeup and leave my skin feeling refreshed, clean and soft. The soap-free formula means it’s great for my dry, sensitive skin.

Hydrating Toner (250ml, £7.50)
I love this toner as it is hydrating and moisturising at the same time. It removes any leftover makeup particles and helps to maximise absorption of follow on products. Using both these products together is like a dream come true for my skin.

Moisture Cream (50ml, £13)
Such a lightweight moisturiser that absorbs into my face and gives it the hydration it craves. It warns off dryness and leaves my skin silky and smooth.

I use these three products every night before bed and after a couple of weeks, my face has never looked and felt better!

Gentle Face Wash (125ml, £7.50)
I have been trying to find a face wash that is intensely moisturising as I heavily suffer from dry skin on my face. This face wash is gentle, cleansing, refreshing and leaves my skin so soft as it is one of the creamiest products I have ever used. A little goes a long way with this and I’m so glad I found it.

Hydrating Face Mist (100ml, £10)
This product intrigued me and I am SO glad I bought it. It is perfect whatever the season; in summer if I am feeling hot I squirt a few sprays on my face and it instantly cools me down. In the winter, when my face is hit with the harshness of cold weather, a few sprays instantly revitalises and hydrates me. It is also perfect for setting your make up. I use this product daily and is one of my holy grail items.

I urge anyone with dry skin or simply if you want your skin to feel more hydrated and soft to give this whole range a go. There is so much more to offer in this range and I cannot wait to go back and buy it all! Let me know if you have tried anything from this range and what your favourite product is!

R x


  1. Hels
    26/04/2017 / 3:34 pm

    These sound lovely! And they’re such pretty products too! I’ve got really dry skin so it’s good to know they’re good for that!
    Hels xx

    • robynunsworthblog
      26/04/2017 / 3:35 pm

      I can’t recommend enough Helen! The range has done wonders for my skin xx

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