Orlando 2019 | Walt Disney World – Animal Kingdom

This was another of the parks that we were desperate to go to. We have a big love for animals, we love going to the zoo, and our dream is to go on a safari, so this place seemed perfect for us. We ended up spending one and a half days here because we wanted to take in as much as we could!

We spent the first day going on as many rides as possible. Our favourites were Dinosaur, Kali River Rapids, Exhibition Everest and Kilimanjaro Safaris. I really enjoyed the Dinosaur ride, and I welcomed the air-conditioned queue! The ride is a prehistoric race to rescue a dinosaur before the meteor strikes, and as you can see in the picture above, I was not expecting a Trex to jump out on us! Although not as thrill-seeking and wet as I wanted the ride to be, Kali River Rapids was a relaxing sit down through the jungle in the heart of Asia. The sun was shining, and we had lovely views so I can’t complain! Exhibition Everest was a fantastic ride, the theming was epic, and it was great to get back on a thrill ride. This ride is a high-speed train that takes you through the icy Himalayans with a twist at the end!

I wouldn’t call Kilimanjaro Safaris a ride; this is more of an experience, and oh my god it was amazing. We managed to go on this a few times, and at different times of day meaning, we got to see so many different animals. On this, you set off in an open-air vehicle and have a guided tour around the African Savanna – the closest we’ll get to a safari at the moment! It was just so beautiful to see all the animals roaming free, including my favourites – the giraffes!

We decided to have some lunch while going on the Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail. We managed to see gorillas, hippos and exotic birds in the surroundings of a tropical forest and it was truly beautiful.

Next, we entered Pandora – The World of Avatar. This themed area was mesmerising, and we could have spent all day here. Barney is a huge Avatar fan, and this place just blew him away. The theming includes the floating mountains, alien wildlife, and bioluminescent plants, and it just emerged us completely. This area has two rides; Na’vi River Journey and Avatar Flight of Passage. Na’vi River Journey is a slow water ride that takes you through Pandora’s glowing bioluminescent rainforest. This ride was simply beautiful, so magical and mystical. I felt a real sense of calm being on this ride, and the animatronics were stunning.

Avatar Flight of Passage is hands down the best ride I have ever been on. This beats all other rides at Disney and Universal; it is out of this world. The queue was mesmerising and for those who are fans – you get to see Jake in his tank as an Avatar! The premise of the ride is that you get assigned your own Avatar, climb upon a banshee and take a breathtaking 3D flight over Pandora’s landscape. You can feel the banshee breathing in between your legs; you can smell what the land smells like, you can feel the waves crashing against your skin. This ride is just the best experience ever, whether you’re a fan of the film or not. We were both opened mouth when we got off the ride, but Barney was speechless, we had to take a moment to adjust.

On our way out of the park we bumped into Chip n Dale, and Barney again became a little boy. He absolutely adores these two, and as were spotted them in Donald’s Dino-Bash, they were dressed up as dinosaurs! So cute!

This park was beautiful, and I’ll definitely be visiting again when we come back.

Have you ever been?

R x

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