Orlando 2019 | Universal’s Volcano Bay

Volcano Bay is a tropical based water park by Universal and is simply the best water park I’ve ever been to. We love water parks, and as we were slightly disappointed with Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon, we were so excited to be going here. From our hotel balcony, we could see the volcano so every day we were just waiting to go.

The theming is incredible, and the rides were insane! Our favourites included Honu ika Moana, Krakatau Aqua Coaster, Kala & Tai Nui Serpentine Body Slides and Ko’okiri Body Plunge. The Honu ika Moana is a multi-person raft that speeds up two huge walls, through ocean mists, and down into the pool. It’s a standard water park ride but really well executed. The Krakatau Aqua Coaster is something I’ve wanted in a water park for so long. In a nutshell, it’s a water-based rollercoaster and is so much fun! The Kala & Tai Serpentine Body Slides are two trap doors that plunge you down clear intertwining tubes and out into the pool. This meant that Barney and I could almost go at the same time. I was so nervous about doing this, but I did have my eyes closed the whole time. Barney made me go a couple of seconds before so he knew I didn’t chicken out! The Ko’okiri Body Plunge is the most extreme ride I’ve ever done. Situated at the top of the volcano, through a trap door you fall at a 70-degree angle and is literally over in seconds. I could not believe we had both done it, but I am so proud to say I did!

The thing I love about water parks are the lazy rivers and the Kopiko Wai Winding River at Volcano Bay was no different. You take a slow ride through the landscape of the park, and it is such a lovely way to relax after a day of rides. However, we noticed there were two rivers, so after this one, we made our way to the next as not to miss out. Let me tell you there is nothing lazy about the TeAwa Fearless River! You have to wear a life vest in this river, and it races you alongside rapids and huge waves. This river was so much fun and a perfect way to end our day at Volcano Bay. It was so hard to get out once you were in so we probably ended up going 5 times around!

Volcano Bay was everything I wanted and more, and we made lifelong memories here.

Have you ever been?

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