Orlando 2019 | Universal’s Islands of Adventure

We took the first shuttle bus from our hotel and got to the park early, ready to join the queue into Islands of Adventure. As soon as we got through, we made our way to Barney’s favourite ride and one I had heard so much about; The Incredible Hulk Coaster. That is literally the only word to describe it, incredible. We were launched upward of 150 feet and reached a top speed of 67 mph; so many loops and I couldn’t believe I was here on it with Barney. We loved it so much that we went on it a further two times.

Barney was then desperate to get me on Dudley Do Right’s Ripsaw Falls … I had no idea how wet this ride made you, but I did enjoy every second. Next on the list was Jurassic Park: River Adventure – such a classic and again got absolutely soaked, so it was lucky we had the glorious Florida weather to dry us off in no time!

Next, we had a few 3D rides to go on; The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman and Skull Island: Reign of Kong. I had never been on a ride like this before, and it was amazing! You felt as though you were in the ride and the animation effects were incredible!

We deliberately missed out the Hogsmead side of Harry Potter as we were spending a day there soon and didn’t want to ruin the surprise of it all! We made our way to Poseidon’s Fury, which I feel is underrated. This ‘experience’ was so good, and I wasn’t expecting it to be. It probably needs a bit updating, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

We ended the day in Seuss Landing. I love Dr Seuss and so was so excited when I got to meet The Grinch and Thing 1 and Thing 2. We went on the High in the Sky Seuss Trolley Train ride which gave us beautiful views of both parks and The Cat in the Hat which is so feel good.

We took some pictures around the park and had dinner at Bubba Gumps in City Walk. What an incredible first full day at the parks.

Have you been? What’s your favourite ride?

R x

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