Orlando 2019 | My Top 10 Bucket List

In September, I will be embarking on my first trip to Orlando, Florida, with Barney. I simply cannot wait, and every time I think about it, I get a bit giddy – I’m such a child at heart.

Barney has been to America a good few times, and as he turns 30 this year, we knew it was the ultimate holiday to go on. On this trip, we’ve decided to keep it easy as possible by just going to Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. Of course, a day at the malls is included in this trip – I couldn’t go to America and not shop.

Below is my Top 10 Bucket List for Orlando 2019, in no particular order:

1. Come fly with me …
I am so looking forward to getting on the plane, for me, that is when the holiday begins! I quite enjoy long haul flights, and I am so excited to watch all the movies and binge on all the free food and drink! Bit of a weird bucket list choice but I just really want to enjoy and savour the flight!

2. Meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse
I am a big Disney fan, and I cannot wait to enter the Magic Kingdom and see the castle for the first time; I’m sure many a tear will be shed. I have especially loved Mickey and Minnie Mouse for as long as I can remember so to meet them and give them a big hug will be a dream come true.

3. Have Pancakes
Can anyone visit America and not have pancakes at least once on their trip? I am so looking forward to hanging out in iHOP and treating myself to some pancakes for breakfast. I’m the saddo who has already looked through the menu, and the Cupcake Pancakes have taken my fancy!

4. See the Fireworks
It’s no secret that I love fireworks and every bonfire night we have to see a display of some sort. I’ve heard that Orlando’s firework displays in the parks are epic and I’m desperate to see some! We’ve planned to see Happily Ever After in the Magic Kingdom and Fantasmic! at Hollywood Studios – I’m so excited!

5. Shop til I drop!
I love shopping; be it food, beauty or clothes. I am so looking forward to spending a day at the Malls and grabbing all the bargains the outlets have to offer. I am particularly after a new pair of trainers, a handbag and some beauty products! But, I have to say I am most looking forward to going to Walmart/Target for our food shop. I flipping love American food and cannot wait to try everything I can! Pop-Tarts I’m looking at you …

6. Drink the night away in BB King’s
I have to thank my friend Jess for this recommendation. She went to Orlando back in 2013 and said this was one of her favourite places. BB King’s is a Blues Cub and restaurant, and we are spending a night here to celebrate Barney’ birthday! The food and drink look incredible, and with a live band, I can’t wait to sink into their world.

7. Rides, rides, rides
Probably Barney’s favourite bit about our trip; we are spending a total of 11 out of 14 days in the various parks. His favourite has always been Islands of Adventure at Universal and has told me so many stories of different times he has been there. I can’t wait to experience all these rides with him!

8. Be Our Guest
Beauty and the Beast is without a doubt, my favourite Disney film and I forever longed to be Belle. I am so looking forward to seeing Belle and the Beast in the Parades and all the merchandise that will be on offer. Unfortunately, reservations are booked up for the dates we want to eat at this restaurant, but I’m hoping we can either slip in to take some pictures or get a last-minute cancellation!

9. Eat at a TGI Fridays
As some of you are aware, Barney and I met by working in the same TGI Friday’s together. This restaurant will always be special to us, and we found out that there is one basically opposite where we are staying on I-Drive, so I guarantee we will end up here on our first night. We’ve eaten at various TGI’s lots of time, but it’s kind of become a tradition anywhere we go.

10. Making Memories
Pretty obvious but I want to make sure I take lots of photos and videos to document as much of this trip as possible. This trip is a dream come true for me and isn’t one I can picture us doing a lot due to how much it costs!! To be able to look back and relive our time here will be amazing!

And there we have it! My top 10 bucket list for our trip to Orlando this year! Have you done any of these? What would be on your bucket list?

R x

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