New Home Tour: Living Room and Hallway

As some of you are aware, at the back end of September 2016, my boyfriend and I bought a ground floor apartment, and we moved in together! So far, I have loved living with him and our home is coming along nicely, don’t get me wrong it is nowhere near finished but most rooms are nearly there! I thought I’d do a series of blog posts to show you bits and pieces we’ve bought for the place so without further ado let’s start with the Living Room and Hallway.

When we first moved in all the walls were a bright white colour with one wall having a 70s style metallic wallpaper (yuck!). Almost immediately we painted the living room and hallway walls a creamy magnolia colour which instantly warmed the place up. We kept the white ceilings and skirting boards and the light oak laminate floors, I love walking into the flat and it feels fresh and bright.

The first thing we got was the sofa; we knew we would spend a lot of time on it so wanted to get one that was stylish yet comfortable. We decided on a medium grey corner sofa from Next; I can’t recommend Next enough for small corner sofas! We had quite a small space to fit a corner sofa, all the other stores we tried had sofas that were too big, and we thought we would have to change our mind and go for a normal sofa. Next saved us as they do corner sofas in different sizes (AMAZING!) and we had it delivered the following Saturday! Quick delivery and amazing quality, we are very happy with this purchase! At the foot of the sofa lies the most gorgeous and soft faux fur throw from George at Asda. It is so warm and I love snuggling into it!

The sofa came with two matching material cushions and we decorated it more with two Green Chenille Cushions and one Green Chenille Stripe Cushion all from George at Asda. Barney’s favourite colour is green, so he wanted it in the house somewhere, we chose the living room as it is quite a calming yet bright colour and thought this is where it will work best.

Next, we got the TV and soundbar. Barney is a film and TV buff, so we knew we wanted to go all out on this. We drove to John Lewis and had a look at their extensive range; the sales assistant helped us to choose the best selection for us and we got it delivered the following week. The TV is HUGE, but I love it, I’m glad we forked out for this combination. This now meant we needed a big TV unit to put it on and after extensive research on the internet we decided to go for a custom made one from TyHapus Store on Etsy. We loved the fact it was handmade and was made from a lovely natural wood. It fits perfectly in the space and stores all our TV/console needs.

We felt having a coffee table would make the room a lot smaller, but we needed something to put our drinks on when sitting on the sofa etc. A lot of nest of tables are big and bulky and we didn’t want this either, I managed to find a nest of Lamp Tables from Dunelm’s Spitalfields Range that fit in the space perfectly as they are tall but thin. The wood happened to match the TV unit previously bought and the metal legs gave the room an industrial feel which I loved.

Next up, we wanted a dining table. Our living room isn’t the biggest of spaces, but we didn’t want to spend the next few years eating dinner from our laps on the sofa and it immediately wiped out the thought of hosting dinner parties. We managed to find a cute oak butterfly table from John Lewis, which suited us perfectly. It’s neat and tidy and the top folds down to hide the chairs enclosed. I recommend this table to anyone short on space! Unfortunately, the wood doesn’t match what we already have in the living room but it was either this or nothing and so far we have used it quite a lot.

Above the table, we hung a beautiful India Crackle Wall Mirror from Argos. It opens up the room and is very decorative. I was surprised when Barney signed off on this item as it’s not his style, but we love it in the room. The table has a pair of Yankee Candle Glass Candlestick Holders which are elegant and peaceful when lit having dinner. On the table is also a Yankee Candle Reed Diffuser in the scent Lemon Lavender that was given to me but my friend for Christmas. I love their reed diffusers as they last a long time and you can smell it throughout the whole apartment, this scent is very refreshing.

Next to the table, we have a Wooden Camera Floor Lamp from Dunelm. I have always loved this style of lamp and wanted one for the place. It turns out our plug sockets are in unusual places, so this was the only spot for it, but it is quite a good position as we can focus the light into the centre of the room.

Between us, we have a lot of books and ornaments and at the moment we have nowhere to display them. We bought some lovely custom-made shelves from TheWelshBibCompany on Etsy, but we are yet to put them up. These will hang on the section of wall between the living room and kitchen; I can’t wait for these to go up!

I’m not sure if coasters belong in the living room or kitchen homeware haul but they spend the majority of time on the lamp tables or dining table so I’m going to include them in this post. One of my favourite films is The Wizard of Oz and a good few years ago a shop called Past Times existed which sold products from years gone by. They had a whole range from The Wizard of Oz and I collected quite a few items, one of my favourites is a pack of 6 tin and cork coasters which can now be found on Amazon here. They are so beautiful and as far as a coaster goes, you can’t get much better! I’ve had many compliments on them from friends and family who have come around to visit and I love using them! I also have a pack of 5 wooden hearts in a cream wire basket that I believe were from Wilkinsons, although they aren’t online anymore. Lastly, as a housewarming present, I was given two of the most beautiful coasters I’ve ever seen, these are the Celestial Coasters from Anthropologie that come in a range of colours, I have one white and one blue and they look beautiful just out on display with nothing on them.

The living room is very nearly finished; we have the steampunk/industrial style Klysa Wall Clock from IKEA to put up and an array of photo frames and artwork. We are also looking to get some funky storage for the wall to hold Barney’s ever-growing collection of DVDs – all in time!

As I’ve said Barney is a film buff, so he thought it would be cool if we framed posters of our favourite films. He went for Pulp Fiction and I went for Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, we bought the frames and posters both from Amazon and they look really good hanging in our hallway. Our first date as officially girlfriend and boyfriend were to see Jersey Boys the Musical in the West End. I had seen this many times before as one of my favourite shows so was over the moon when Barney bought us tickets for my 21st Birthday. For sentimental reasons, we decided to frame a poster from the show and put it in between our favourite films. These posters liven up the hall and I love having a personal touch when we walk in.

The wardrobe space is very limited for us both in the apartment and our coats take up a lot of this room, so we decided we wanted either a coat rack or pegs on the wall. We went for the wall option to save space and found these funky metal industrial style taps from a shop on eBay. I like the little nods we are giving to the industrial style!

We are forever losing our keys, putting them down somewhere and forgetting where that was or at the bottom of one of my numerous handbags so when we came across the Ceramic Alphabet Hooks from Oliver Bonas we had to get them, we went for an R and a B. They are sat on the wall by the door ready to collect our keys when we walk in and now we always know where our keys are!

When we moved in, the hallway had two spotlights on the ceiling, but it didn’t fill the space with light and to be honest, I hated them. Looking around online, I found the Four Arm Crackle Ceiling Light from George at Asda and got Barney’s granddad to fit them for us. They look so classy and much more expensive then what they are, they add a nice elegant touch to the place.

I hope you liked the mini-tour of our living room and hallway; I’m always on the lookout for new bits of furniture and decoration for the place so please leave some comments with bits you’ve found online!

R x


  1. Martin Blessing
    05/05/2017 / 5:57 pm

    I love the film posters. Great touch.

    I’m nicking that floor lamp too!

    • robynunsworthblog
      12/05/2017 / 7:57 am

      Haha we are still awaiting your visit!

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