Lush Valentines Day Range 2017

I look more forward to key dates knowing Lush will bring out a new range and this year for Valentine’s Day their new range is just lovely. I know what I’ll be expecting from the boy …

Bath Bombs

Cupid, £2.95
Isn’t this just the cutest design ever? This floral smelling bath bomb will fill your bath with rose, violet and bergamot scents and leave you feeling very girly with how pink it turns the water!

Rose Bombshell, £4.25
With a floral triplet of yellow rose petals, rose absolute and rose oil, this bath bomb is a must-have for any lover of all things rose. Aas you drop it in the bath, watch how it fizzes away to reveal petals floating in your bath, oh so feminine.

Lover Lamp, £4.25
My favourite of this year’s range, this bath bomb will leave your skin feeling so smooth and moisturised. With scents of vanilla, orange and cocoa butter, this bath bomb is so dreamy.

Bubble Bars

Unicorn Horn, £4.25
This is the prettiest bubble bar ever to exist, so colourful and sparkly and smells so relaxing. Lose yourself in your fairy tale while your bath releases scents of lavender and neroli oil.

Ladybird, £3.95
This is probably my favourite bubble bar in quite some time, not only is it super cute but with scents of geranium and peppermint oil, it uplifts you and leaves you smelling and feeling great.

Lovestruck, £4.25
I’m going to say this is one for the teens, I’m not overly impressed with the emoji face but it does smell great. The Sicilian lemon oil is one of my favourite scents and paired with geranium oil makes this bubble bath fresh and sweet.

Bath Melts

Two Hearts Beating as One, £3.95
I love Lush bath melts; they leave my skin feeling so soft and silky. Not only does this little bath melt turn your bath the most gorgeous pink and orange colour, but the scents are also so relaxing yet uplifting and the cocoa butter leaves my skin feeling its best. The bath melt is small but feisty.

Overall, I am very impressed with this range and will have to buy a few extra of the Two Hearts Beating as One bath melt and Lover Lamp bath bombs as this range is limited edition.

R x

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