Lush Creative Showcase 2016

On 13th September 2016, I was lucky enough to go to the Lush Creative Showcase at the Tobacco Dock, London. You didn’t need any directions to the place as you could smell the Lush products filling this building from afar, the excitement was brewing in me.

I walked into what can only be described as a Wonderland, bursts of colours and scents and something different going on in each room. There was live music, dancing fire eaters and a range of coffee and food. The venue was perfect.

Different rooms had talks, live demonstrations and the best bit for me … the pop-up shop. I got a sneak peek of the new Autumn/Winter range that Lush has to offer this year and they didn’t disappoint.  The shop was my idea of heaven and the playing of Christmas music made me feel festive (I know its September, but I really LOVE Christmas).

I decided to buy the Autumn range and wait for the Christmas range when it’s actually December otherwise I’d use them all up before then (I find it hard to resist using Lush products in my bath – can you blame me?!)

I’ll do a full post reviewing the Autumn range soon but for now, swoon over my pictures and get ready to buy your products when the line hits store on October 1st. Did anyone else go? What did you think/buy?

R x

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