Christmas 2018

Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing day to all!

Christmas this year was just magical! Barney and I spent Christmas Eve eating all the nibbles and watching Christmas films round his parents’ house. This was the first year that I had spent Christmas morning with his family and I absolutely loved it. We opened our stockings on his mum and dads’ bed which is a tradition in their household and then went downstairs for some breakfast. We then all got dressed and went to visit his Nanny which was the loveliest thing to do. All the nurses in her care home were wearing tinsel and they had decorated the place all festive! Around midday we went home, and Barney’s sister and her boyfriend came around and we all opened our presents! I received some amazing presents so thank you to all! Then came the dinner and it was incredible. Barney’s mum is an amazing cook, but this Christmas dinner was another level. After dinner we played a few games and around 6pm we made our way to my mums house – I’m a Mummy’s girl so I just had to see my Mum on Christmas day!

We arrived and we all opened our presents (it felt like Christmas morning all over again)! We then had some dessert and as there was no more driving to be done that day, I finally had a glass of Prosecco! We played some games and watched TV and just had a really festive time catching up with everyone. Unfortunately, my Mum had to work on Boxing Day, so my brother and I drove her to work and stopped to shop some of the sales. I then went and picked up Barney and we spent Boxing Day together relaxing on the sofa and eating/drinking everything in sight.

This was the first year we decided to split Christmas day between both families, and I think it worked well! It meant that we could see both sets of families and then spend some time just Barney and I on Boxing Day. I’m already looking forward to next year!!!

How did you spend your Christmas?

R x


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