Brighton – July 2016

As a joint celebration of my 25th Birthday and our 4th Anniversary together, we stayed for a long weekend in Brighton. I have always loved the seaside, this place especially. You just can’t beat sitting on the pebble beach while chomping on seafood and watching the waves crash against each other. I had only ever been on day trips to Brighton, so to stay over for two nights was very exciting.

I am a planner and an organiser, always have been. After researching many places, we booked the Old Ship Hotel on the seafront and it was perfect. It had beautiful quaint little rooms and a view to die for. From one side of the window, I could see the old Pier rusting away in the water and from the other, the lights and rides of the current Brighton Pier. It was breath-taking.

On the first day we stayed on the beach, we ate oysters and prawns and I tried octopus for the first time and surprisingly liked it! We went on the carousel and watched some street singers and took a stroll along the pier. I was truly mesmerised. That night we got take out from Las Iguanas and ate in the hotel room while watching Pitch Perfect and it simply was the perfect end to the day.

Monday morning we spent in The Lanes. I had never been before but instantly fell in love with the little twisty streets covered in bunting (I LOVE bunting). We started with a hot chocolate in ChoccyWoccyDooDah and it was immense to say the least.

We then made our way around the Brighton Pavilion or Agrabah from Aladdin as we like to call it. Such beautiful and intricate architecture hits you bang in the face as soon as you see it and it’s massive. We walked all the way around, taking pictures as we went and found ourselves at the seafront.

We decided to walk to the Marina (PS this is a veeeeeeeeeery long walk, pay the cheap train fare and save your feet the worry) and there we found a pretty lock with many boats. We stopped and had a drink and made our way to Globalls. For those of you who haven’t been, in a nutshell, it is glow in the dark, crazy golf with dinosaurs. Barney was in heaven.

That evening we got dressed up and went for a meal. Jamie’s Italian was around the corner from our hotel and as this is one of our favourites, we had to go. We had olives, tortillas, antipasti, pasta, steak, cocktails, beers … need I go on. Delicious!

Our last day was spent at Brighton Aquarium. Barney is a big lover of animals, insects, fish etc. so this was top on our list to visit. I didn’t think I’d get excited over fish, but this was surprisingly beautiful ad relaxing, I even held a baby starfish! The highlight of the trip was seeing the mahoosive turtles and sharks; Barney was in his element …

We finished our trip with corn dogs and the biggest most calorific milkshake in JB’s American Diner. This place looks as though 1950s America threw up all over it, it’s AMAZING!!!!

This trip was a lovely getaway with Barney and one I’m sure we will do again and again. Brighton was such a relaxing and refreshing place to stay and one which allowed me to be free.

Have you ever been? Where are your favourite places to go to?

R x

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