Bonfire Night 2016

Remember, remember the 5th November …

I absolutely love fireworks night; it eases me into the festive season just right. This year just like the last few I went to a little village called Naphill and watched their annual firework display.

I started the night by having a lovey hot steamy bath. I used the Bug Bang bubble bar from lush to make mountains of bubbles for me to fall into. I then topped the bath off with the Northern Lights bath bomb, again from Lush.

After this, I made myself, my boyfriend and my mum chilli (why is this traditional bonfire night food!?) on a jacket potato and some mulled wine. This was the perfect combination and I started to feel festive!!

I layered up and put on my big thick winter coat and braced the cold as we made our way to Naphill. As soon as we got there, we got some drinks and went and stood by the bonfire. I don’t think there is anything nicer than watching a bonfire, seeing all the different colours and hearing the different sounds from it.

We then watched the half-hour firework display and it was mesmerising. For a small village, this is one heck of a display! I am thoroughly impressed year after year and now find it hard to tear myself away to try somewhere different.

We came back home, drank some more mulled wine while watching Home Alone and tumbled into bed around 11 pm. This was one of the best nights this year and one I always look forward to.

To me, it marks the beginning of winter, and I’m already feeling festive for Christmas!

What did you do for bonfire night?

R x

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