Lush is the most incredible place at this time of year. Every winter season I stock up on their Christmas collection and this year is no different. Check out the 2016 range below!

Bath Bombs

Father Christmas – £3.75
The red of Santa’s cheeks fizzes away to reveal a green centre with this bath bomb that smells like candy floss.

Golden Wonder – £4.25
One of my faves this year, it’s citrus smelling and turns a gorgeous turquoise colour in the bath!

Luxury Lush Pud – £4.35
So fun and festive and one for Christmas Eve before bed. It has dessert scented tonka and relaxing lavender and creates a beautiful rainbow in the bath!

Satsuma – £3.95
No stocking is complete without a satsuma! This bath bomb is exclusive to the Oxford Street shop, and you guessed it, smells like freshly squeezed orange juice.

So White – £3.75
Crisp apple, bergamot oil and rose are the primary scents in this bath bomb. It’s fruity, uplifting and will revive you in time for Christmas.

Mistletoe – £4.25
Who will you be kissing under the mistletoe this year? A fizzy mixture of heady jasmine and vetivert leaves your bath pink and dreamy.

Star Dust – £2.95
Simple but beautiful. An earthy spiced bath bomb that twinkles in your bath.

Lord of Misrule – £3.95
A classic from Lush; a spicy bath bomb that blends patchouli and black pepper oil and has a little surprise of popping candy. This is my boyfriend’s favourite!

Bubble Bars

The Magic of Christmas – £5.95
My favourite Lush Christmas product. This is the traditional Christmas scent with cloves, cinnamon and almonds. Swirl it around in your bath and instantly feel festive.

Peeping Santa – £3.95
Blended with fair trade organic cocoa and shea butter and added bergamot and geranium oils makes this fruity bubble bar crumble under running water. He is also SO cute.

The Christmas Penguin – £3.95
A citrus and sweet bubble bar that turns your bath into an icy-looking setting, perfect for winter.

Candy Mountain – £2.95
Again a firm favourite of mine, it smells like sweet vanilla candy floss and is the ultimate present for any girl!

Magic Wand – £5.95
Become a fairy every time you swirl this wand around in your bath and indulge in the sweet candy scent. Don’t forget to make a wish!

Christmas Kisses – £3.95
This is one I’m desperate to try this Christmas. The traditional Christmas scent of spicy cinnamon leaf, sweet orange, patchouli and cleave leaf oils will warm you from head to toe.

Santasaurus – £5.95
My boyfriend loves dinosaurs and although he doesn’t like to talk about it, loves a pampering hot bath, so this bubble bar is perfect for his stocking this year.

Snowie – £4.25
Tangy grapefruit and Neroli will help you bath sparkle and fill with bubbles with the help of little Snowie.

Bath Melt

Snow Angel – £4.25
A must-have for the ultimate pampering spa night. Dissolve this angel in a hot bath and watch the bubbles foam to reveal a shimmering gold glitter. It is moisturising with its cocoa butter and marzipan formula with scents of rose, benzoin and cassie. A softening, floral soak.

Shower Gel

Snow Fairy – £3.95 100g
I find myself always purchasing a small bottle of this at this time of year. It’s a little girls dream come true with scents of candyfloss and bubble gum which will fill you with comfort, joy and delight.

What products are you most looking forward to using from this year’s collection?

R x


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