Blogmas Day 20 | My Christmas Traditions

Traditions vary with each person; I think they are special moments that we share with family and friends. Some traditions have stayed the same since I was little, others have only occurred in recent years, but Christmas now wouldn’t be the same without them. Let’s begin …

1. Winter Wonderland
Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park is my favourite place to go at Christmas time. When you walk up to the big array of lights in front of you, it looks as though Christmas has puked up over the park. Big ornaments of Santa and Snowmen, The Ice Kingdom, Christmas Treats, Ice Skating, Mulled Wine. Anything Christmassy will be here and for one LOVE it. I make sure I go every year at least once with someone, in recent years I go with my boyfriend to try and get him in the Christmas spirit. I enjoy the challenge! We drink steins from the Bavarian Beer House and go on a few rides. The most festive place to be!

2. The Snowman, Peacock Theatre
This is a new tradition that started, I think two years ago. The Snowman has been made into a stage dance show, and it’s so cute. We tend to get cheap tickets, so my mum and I tend to go every Winter. The moment The Snowman and the little boy fly makes me want to cry, I love the film and there is something about seeing it right in front of your eyes that makes it more special. Yes, I am 25 but still a little girl at heart.

3. Leaving a Mince Pie and Carrot out for Santa and Rudolph
This has happened every year since I can remember. To this date, I have always left a little drink, a mince pie and a carrot out on Christmas Eve for Santa and Rudolph when they arrive. I come down Christmas morning and there’s a bite out of the carrot and crumbs from the mince pie. He is real! This Christmas is my first waking up not at my family home so I’m hoping my tradition can still happen, but we’ll see …

4. Helping Mum Cook Dinner
Christmas Dinner is one of my favourite meals and I look forward to it all year! In recent years I have helped mum cook the dinner as I enjoy it but feel it’s a nice thing to do together. We help each other out with the organisation because there are so many different parts to the Christmas Dinner! I don’t think we’ve had a bad one yet!

5. Baking
I love to bake but recently I have found I don’t have enough time for it. Christmas changes all this; I make time to bake. This year I have made sausage rolls and mince pies and am hoping to fit in a gingerbread house as well. Firstly, I love the taste of all these foods but secondly, I love the feeling of accomplishment when I’ve finished.

6. Setting the Dinner Table
I do not know why I enjoy this so much, bit sad really but I love setting the Dinner table for Christmas Dinner. This normally happens around midday after we’ve had breakfast and got dressed. I get out the fancy tablecloth and placemats and napkins and work away on the table, finishing each place with a cracker of course! I’m hoping I get to do this for many years to come!

7. Stockings and Presents
In my house, we all get up (it’s getting later each year) and sit around the Christmas Tree and open our stockings first. We are not the type of family who let one person open one present and we all watch them etc. It’s a free for all, we all open them at the same time and if we get a particularly lovely present, then we might show that off a bit but generally, we only focus on our presents. Having said this, I do like watching people open presents that I’ve bought them! We then open our main presents, it’s normally my job to reach under the Christmas Tree and dish them out to everyone but again we open them at the same time as everyone else. I know a lot of people who open their stockings in the morning and then wait until dinner or after dinner to open the main presents, I guess if we had people coming around on Christmas Day we might do this but we never do, it’s usually just me, my mum and my brother but I still have the best Christmas.

What are your traditions at Christmas time?

R x

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