Blogmas Day 18 | Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner is just the best! Isn’t it just a normal roast? I hear you say, and the answer is simply no. Firstly it has turkey which is only really available during the festive period; then you have roast potatoes smothered in goose fat, you have stuffing and pigs and blankets. Then there is the bread sauce, the cranberry sauce, the turkey gravy, and who can forget the old sprouts. I think these are a bit like marmite, you either love them or you hate them and I for one LOVE them; especially when they have been tossed with bacon. I’m going to talk you through what will be on dinner plate this Christmas.

For years we used to have a big prawn ring and dollops of Marie Rose sauce and then my brother turned vegetarian so now we kind of have two starters (well I do because I love food). Jay will have a small Camembert with slices of sourdough bread to dip in it. My mum will have a prawn cocktail; prawns, lettuce and sauce … heaven. I have a bit of both; I can’t choose between them so I’m lucky enough to have two starters.

My plate gets piled high every year and I never finish it, when will I learn? Turkey is the main part of the meal, I tend to go for the legs as they are darker meat but I’m fond of the whole bird. I then have a few roast potatoes, again we used to have goose fat with these but since the veggie joined us we just have normal potatoes in oil. Stuffing is a major part of the meal; my mum uses my nan’s recipe and mixes it with breadcrumbs (it’s beautiful) and then the good old pigs in blankets grace the scene. We have quite a lot of veg which I love smothered in gravy; parsnips, brussel sprouts and a broccoli/carrot/pea mixture. Not sure where my love of bread sauce has come from as my mum isn’t keen on it at all, but I can’t have turkey without it. It brings an interesting taste and texture to my mouth. We also have gammon (typical Irish meat!) and this completes the meal. I cannot wait for it this year.

By the time pudding comes around, we are all stuffed, so my mum tends to put a few out on the table and we can pick and choose as we like. There are always mince pies and we tend to have these right up until they aren’t available in shops anymore, we love our mince pies! We always tend to have a Christmas pudding as well, it’s always left until last, but I do love it. We also have whatever we have made such as gingerbread men, yule log, Christmas cake. We tend to make one of these and rotate them each year. The tub of Quality Street/Miniature Heroes are constantly open and then there will be festive treats from Mr Kipling. I will pick at these all night and all the next day, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I will always put weight on at Christmas and hide it under my big warm cosy jumpers!

What do you have for your Christmas dinner?

R x

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