Blogmas Day 14 | A Look Into My Christmas Day

I remember I used to wake up soooooo early with my brother on Christmas Day; he actually wouldn’t sleep all night because he was too excited. Now I make everyone get up at 9 am, early for some but still a little lie-in.

We go downstairs, and mum pours us all a drink (I normally have juice or Bucks Fizz) and we all gather around the tree and open our stockings. It’s a free for all in our house, we don’t wait for people to open theirs etc. we all just open them at the same time, but we show off what we have received to each other.

Now it’s time for the main presents, Santa spreads them all around the tree so as the youngest it’s normally down to me to find them and give them out to my brother and mum. Again we all just open them at the same time, but I love to watch their faces when they open something that I have got them.

After we have opened everything, my brother normally positions his presents into an Instagram winning photo (every year) while my mum and I get rid of all the wrapping paper. We then make some breakfast, every year it is normally scrambled eggs on a bagel with smoked salmon and Bucks Fizz, I love this breakfast so much. I have it a lot during the year but on Christmas morning, it somehow feels special.

I then have my festive bath using products that I have normally received that morning. I then get dressed in my festive outfit (usually something sparkly) and take some time over my makeup. I don’t know why but on Christmas Day and Boxing Day I feel the need to dress up. It’s the peak of the festive season so I want to indulge and feel my best fully.

Now is the time we usually watch some Christmas films on TV or listen to some Christmas music in the kitchen while we start preparing dinner. I hate peeling veg and potatoes normally but again on Christmas, it feels right, I love being in the kitchen with my mum. When the turkey is in the oven and everything is starting to cook, I normally gobble down some chocolate from my stocking. My brother is usually in his room playing whatever new game he got from Santa, so this is the time my Mum and I get to watch whatever is on TV without him moaning.

I love setting the table for Christmas dinner and it’s become a tradition of mine to do it. I love the festive tablecloths, runners and napkins that grace our table and the smell of the candles burning away.

When the dinner is near complete, we all sit down and have a starter. My mum and I normally have prawns but as my brother is vegetarian, he normally has a small baked Camembert and bread. I must admit; I take a few slices myself and dip it in his. I LOVE baked cheese! I then help mum serve the Christmas dinner and it always looks incredible! The best dinner all year! Before we eat, we all pull our crackers and put on our party hats and then the eating commences.

After dinner, we are usually all stuffed and need to be rolled to the sofa. After a little while, I put out the tub of Quality Street and mince pies etc. on the table for us to nibble throughout the evening. We are too stuffed to have a sit-down dessert!

We spend the rest of the evening watching TV and looking at our new presents and having a few drinks. We may play a board game if everyone is up to it, but we go with the flow. I love Christmas at home because it is so carefree and we can do what we like. I couldn’t imagine spending Christmas anywhere else.

This year, however, is different, my brother moved out sometime last year and my mum, and I sold our family home and moved to High Wycombe in July. I then bought and moved into my flat with my boyfriend at the end of September, so this will be the first Christmas in the new house for my mum and I. Barney and I will probably spend Christmas morning at ours and then drive over to my mums hopefully in time for breakfast where we will then open each other’s presents!

This is the most magical day and I look forward to it all year. How are you spending your Christmas Day?

R x

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