12 Days of Christmas – Terry’s Chocolate Orange Hot Chocolate

– 1 x Terry’s Chocolate Orange
– Whole milk
– Squirty Cream (optional)
– Sprinkles (optional)

– Pop a pan on the hob and take a cup of your choice and fill it with milk.
– Turn on low heat under the saucepan and slowly stir this as it heats through
– Take one chocolate orange and break up the segments and add them into the saucepan. Use as much chocolate as you like, take little taste tests along the way!
– Once all is heated through and stirred, pour your hot chocolate back into your mug.
– Optional decorations could be some squirty cream on top of your hot chocolate and festive sprinkles. Decorate with any remaining chocolate orange segments!

This hot chocolate is yummy but very indulgent; it’s great for a little festive treat!

R x

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