12 Days of Christmas – Hogwarts in the Snow: Warner Bros Studio Tour

My boyfriend and I love Harry Potter. We re-watch the films time and time again and have recently started rereading the books, we are currently halfway through Goblet of Fire. A couple of years ago, we visited the Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour with my family and loved it. Since then a few more attractions have been unveiled, including the Forbidden Forest and the Hogwarts Express so knew we wanted to re-book and seeing as though I love Christmas why not visit it when Hogwarts in the Snow is taking place? It was so magical and festive, seeing all the Christmas Trees in the Great Hall and the whole of Hogwarts covered in snow! I was in my element! Although we had been before it still took us around 3 hours to complete the tour, there were so many bits that I had forgotten about so to relive them was a great experience. I would urge any Harry Potter fan, or anyone interested in behind the scenes of films to go, fun for all ages and truly unique experience!

Have you been?

R x

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